Through consultancy and training I help entrepreneurs and charities authentically communicate their message to the world.


+ Strategy

An effective strategy is the key to success in digital marketing, and is essential in producing an excellent ROI. I will bring all of my knowledge and experience to the table to help craft a strategy which will make you stand out from the crowd and achieve the results you want to see.

+ Social Media

Let me help you develop an online presence which shines. I will equip you with everything you need to increase engagement and get people interested in what you have to say. I am familiar with all the major social media platforms and know exactly how to tailor content to your unique audience.

+ Email Marketing

Tired of seeing those emails going unopened? Let me give you the skills you need to create engaging email campaigns which will grab people’s attention. And don’t worry, I have all you need to know about GDPR and data protection, so you won’t be caught out by the recent changes in policy.

+ Websites & SEO

Let’s make your website excellent. I can give you feedback on your existing site or oversee the development of a new one. Using Search Engine Optimisation techniques I can improve your search ranking, which will increase the traffic to your website and help you be found by valuable customers.

+ Metrics and Analytics

Unless you understand what is working and what's not, how can you expect to improve? The great thing about digital marketing is all of that data is right there to mine - if you know how. Let me help you use this information to inform your future marketing efforts so they hit the mark every time.


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